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Discover the White-tailed Eagle reintroduction center, subscribe to webcams and their GPS tracking!

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Les aigles du léman Reintroduction program

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Follow the lives of the programme’s couples and their babies and become sponsor them.

The reintroduction programme is a private programme and it is only thanks to your support, that of foundations, municipalities and companies that we can finance its operation.

The white-tailed sea eagle

One of the largest diurnal raptors in Europe.

Discover this unusual bird and its reintroduction program starting on 2022 at Les Aigles du Léman.

The golden rules

Observe and protect

Whether it is with the aim of observing the eagle or by chance during your activities around the lake, the encounter with the eagle always remains a magical moment. It is most of the time a furtive moment, a flight a few meters above you.

The program

The idea of a reintroduction program was born in the head of Jacques-Olivier TRAVERS in 2007.

At that time the white-tailed sea eagle had disappeared from France since 1959 (Corsica) and 1892 (Thonon les Bains) and the hopes of a quick return seemed very slim. ©RemiChapeaublanc

The centre

The project has 10 pairs that have already reproduced

The will of our project is to allow the public to appropriate this program of reintroduction by making it accessible to all.


Richard Loomans, director of Veldhoven Zoo and first partner in the programme.

Thierry Bouchet, Le Puy du Fou.

Thomas Grangeat, in charge of education and ethology conservation at Amnéville zoo.

Christelle Mahy, Bird Manager Le Monde sauvage Safari Parc, Belgium