Become an eagle keeper

Experience the lives of our eaglets live, thanks to cameras in their nests and with their GPS tags.
For €50, follow our couples and their eaglets.
A fantastic gift for raising awareness of the need to protect biodiversity and awaken your curiosity
biology, zoology, ethology and science in general

All the money raised goes to the association that is managing the reintroduction programme and working to bring this emblematic species back to France, as well as educating young people through a range of educational initiatives.

Votre parrainage est valable pour une durée de 1 an renouvelable. During this period, you will be able to access the nest cameras and GPS tracking of all the eaglets in the programme from any computer or mobile phone. You will receive a monthly newsletter with news about the programme, the life of the eagles at the centre and their progress in the wild.

A simple and effective way to preserve biodiversity.

Sponsor a couple!

Become an eaglet’s godfather by funding a GPS tag for a reintroduced eagle
and give the name of your company, municipality, local authority or association,
foundation… to this bird.

In this way, you are helping the eagle to make a successful comeback and improving scientific knowledge of the species. A long-term partnership (a beacon lasts an average of 5 years), involving participation with access to cameras in the nests, practicality with site visits and strong potential for both internal and external communication (possible from €2,000).

They support us, we thank them.