Observe and protect

The golden rules

Whether it is with the aim of observing the eagle or by chance during your activities around the lake, the encounter with the eagle always remains a magical moment. It is most of the time a furtive moment, a flight a few meters above you.

To take full advantage of this moment, here are a few tips to avoid missing anything and to disturb as little as possible this great bird of prey :

Do not try to approach or follow it as it can easily become very frightened.

Keep away from trees where it is perched because it is resting.

Stay calm and do not suddenly make big gestures (to call your friends, take out the camera or your binoculars…).

Do not approach a young bird on the ground, it does not need help, it is learning to fly and does not always master its landings! Report its position to the program.

Stop and take the time to observe him, if he passes behind a grove of trees or houses, he can return very quickly.

If you are on the ground and he is in flight, no worries about disturbance, it is the eagle that remains master of approaching you or not.

If the eagle is eating on a carcass or preening its feathers, be as still as possible because if you are close enough, the slightest movement will make it fly away.

If you have a pet, do not try to approach, or follow the white tail sea eagle it as it can easily become very frightened.

Move away from trees where it is perched as its nest may be very close.

And above all, don’t forget to send in your sighting  the national eagle-watching websitewww.pygargues.fr