Breading center

Help threatened species to reproduce…

While the largest birds of prey are the most powerful predators in the sky, they are powerless against urbanisation. A living emblem, they are part of the most endangered species worldwide. Realizing the urgency of preserving large raptors, Les Aigles du Léman is leading an initiative to preserve the remaining nature and to help new generations of eagles bred in captivity to find their way back to the wild.

Les Aigles du Léman is an 8-hectare park dedicated mainly to birds of prey, which makes it possible to build huge aviaries. In comparaison to other breeding centres and thanks to this equipment, the public can clearly observe these reproductive birds. All of our aviaries, even the reproductive ones, are made only with netting.

Des fauconniers professionnels dirigés par le leader du projet, Jacques-Olivier Travers, s’occupent de notre centre. Its uses states-of-the-art techniques including camera tracking for nest building and semi-artificial rearing, providing us with a full record of reproduction in the center, from the formation of the pairs to the fledging of the young and adult age. Ces méthodes permettent donc de prendre des données complètes de la reproduction de nos oiseaux depuis la formation du couple jusqu’à l’âge adulte en passant par l’envol des jeunes.

Today, the public’s awareness and support are critically important to conserve species. Les Aigles du Léman is a park without any external financial support and we therefore rely on the public to help save the raptors. In contrast to most breeding programs that exclude the general public, the park is open to the general public and school whose children can enjoy special days with guided tours and talks from our knowledgeable project staff. Moreover, in order to explain our program to people, we are planning to offer guided tours of the aviaries throughout the year. Les Aigles du Léman’s breeding centre proves that bird conservation is not incompatible with public bird shows.

The nursery

La nurserie au parc Les Aigles du Léman.