The shows

Your tickets includes all the shows we present during a day from 10 am to 6 pm.

Reservation are necessary only for groups of more than 20 people.

Eagle Stadium

An amazing show.

Eagle Stadium is an unique space for contemplating birds with optimum conditions.

An area of nearly 35 aviaries where birds are hosted before and after shows, in greatest comfort.

In Eagle Stadium area 1000 seats are available, included 40 shadowy, facilities, picnic area, two disabled areas. A wilderness wellbeing over 400 trees and plants, two waterfalls and 400m of walkways.

Eagles and horses

Equestrian falconry: the falconry of kings

For centuries, man has been training horses and eagles to work together. It is through this show of equestrian falconry that you will measure all the beauty and complexity of this art major in medieval societies. What’s more amazing than seeing predators and prey evolve together !

Duration : 20 min

Time: 14:30

The birds of the lake

Presentation of the birds of Lac Léman.

The show take place in the largest aviary of raptors of the world «Terre des Aigles».

This show presents birds that depend on water to live. Fishers or eaters of aquatic plants, they frequent our lakes or marshes, we see them but do we really know them ? Each of these species has its role and their physique is adapted to their way of life and techniques of fishing !

Duration : 20 min

Time: 13:30

The Lords of the Sky

The grand eagle show has dozen of birds of prey flying just above the audience’s heads.

It’s guaranteed to thrill and captivate. This show provides the audience with the opportunity to discover the bird’s beauty and understand their fragility. For a long time, these birds have been persecuted due to misunderstanding and human superstitions.

Duration : 40 min

Schedules: 11:00 and 16:00

The lapinodrôme

A meeting with our friends the rabbits.

A moment of cuddling and pure tenderness with our rabbits.

Time: 17:00


3-day course at Les Aigles du Léman park. Trainees wear a tricolour nozzle on their glove.

Falconry practice

Spend an unforgettable weekend and learn the basic theory and the practice of falconry. The highlight of these two days is that you will have the opportunity to fly an eagle !

These courses are taught in French and are scheduled in spring (March-April) and autumn (October). To participate in this course, you must be above the age of 15. To sign up for our mailing list and to be informed about the next dates of internship, please, contact us .

Download the program here.

Privilege animations

For a event, a gift or a birthday, enjoy an unforgettable moment in the presence of a falconer and his birds of prey !

In this unique experience, you are able to ask any questions that you may have about these fascinating animals. For a few moments, you will have the opportunity to wear the falconer glove and hold one of these incredible predators. To finish off your experience, you will have exclusive proximity to see these predators in the air.

Activity details:
With the help of a falconer, you can fly the raptors (barn owl, eagle owl, vulture and hawk). You can take photos.

From 12 years of age.

Available daily during the opening hours of the park, after falconry show, and by reservation only. Possibility to do this activity in English.

Duration : 20 min.

Price : €75 per person

Photo of a birthday table being set up and ready to receive guests. The colours are red and yellow.

Kids birthday at the park

For a memorable birthday day without having the worry of organizing the event yourself, our anniversary offer could be for you !

The choice is yours !

Faites votre anniversaire à l’emplacement de votre choix : Soit au restaurant devant la volière Terre des Aigles – Soit près de la rivière à côté de nos petits lapins (à réserver).

This offer includes :

  • Entrance to the park with possibility to attend all shows.
  • A chocolate cake or a fruit tart (strawberry, raspberry, apple, etc…), a variety of fruit drinks. A tastefully decorated table for the occasion right next to the rabbit enclosure (lapinodrome) and two themed jumping castles.

Price : 16 euros per child and per accompanying adults – 55 Euros per child (birthday+animation chivalry)

Invitation to download here