Les Aigles du Léman

Enter the world’s largest bird of prey aviary

Located in Haute-Savoie, on the shores of Lake Geneva and at the foot of the Alps, the park is a green setting of 8 hectares dedicated to the knowledge and protection of raptors. The tone is set at the entrance with the “Courtship”, the largest wood sculpture of an eagle in Europe. Our local scultors used a huge sequoia 1,8m diameter and 2,5m high for this monumental work.

Around 320 birds of more than 80 species find the right conditions for their well-being and reproduction in over 100 aviaries. The most spectacular is “La terre des aigles” the world’s biggest aviairy for bird of prey with 18 000m2.

In addition to the site visit, we offer 2 different shows with 2 performances each day, including 1 in Eagle Stadium. A unique opportunity to feel wings of condor, eagles, owls on your head.

Involved since it creation in birds of prey protection, les Aigles du Léman run the reintroduction program of white tailed eagle in France. The last breeding pair in the country lived in Thonon les bain in 1892, less than 10km from the park and we are looking forward to see our offsprings take of for freedom from 2022.

Our giant aviaries

La terre des Aigles

An immersion like in « Jurassic park » !

This aviary of 18,000 m², unique in the world, will allow you to discover 60 birds of 15 different raptor species! They live in a real biotope with its ponds, riprap, rocks, hedges, trees and there are also sheep, geese, turkey and ducks living freely with the bird of prey.

This environment has been designed for the birds’ well-being and reproduction. This bet is filled with 7 species that breed from December to August. To ensure the success of this reproduction and the tranquillity of our animals, the visit is possible in groups of 20 people at certain times of the day with one of our falconer-animators (ask at reception).

You will then be able to enter the aviary and be in direct contact with the birds but also benefit from the information provided by our falconer-animator. This unique experience in France will bring you as close as possible to the great vultures and eagles. 500 m of path will allow you to discover the nesting sites, feeding platforms and swimming ponds.

Price: €2 per person – per group of 25 people maximum – Available on site only.

View of the Terre des Aigles aviary at Les Aigles du Léman park.
A bateleur eagle in the Terre des Aigles aviary perched on a wooden fence.

Photographers’ paradise !

All around the aviary, three observatories point have been set up to offer an ideal view of the aviary. Hidden in the observation huts, you can admire and photograph the animals, their behaviour and their flights in complete tranquillity.

An educational area has been set up at the entrance to one of the observatory, 150 m² of exhibition space on birds of prey, their lifestyles, their breeding activities, etc. Thanks to the species panel presenting raptor species, the game is to find and identify the species present in the aviary, a moment of patience and observation to be done with family or friends.

Warning : The path of the aviary «Terre des Aigles» is a bit rocky, so it is pretty much harsh with wheelchairs. Indeed, we try to make a place as natural as possible for the birds. However, you can easily go through the two others biotopics aviaries «La Lagune» and «Le Clos des 4 tours».

Le clos des 4 tours

Meet the medium-sized species

In this largely wooded space, cohabit twenty raptors of eight species. They are the représentatives of the so-called medium-sized raptors with a less than 1.5 m wingspan.

Among them is the rare yellow-headed vulture and Aplomado falcon.

For those whom the land of eagles and its giants frighten a little, this is an opportunity for a experience of direct contact with magnificient raptors…a little less impressive !

Aviary le clos des 4 tours in the park Les Aigles du Léman.
Aviary La lagune in the park Les Aigles du Léman.

La Lagune

An area dedicated to the Mediterranean fauna.

This 5000 m² aviary presents the most spectacular species of Mediterranean fauna: ospreys, Egyptian vultures, Short-toed snake eagle, Lanner falcon…

With two fishing pond and its beautiful vegetation, this aviary offers a real showcase for these species but also for visitors since it is possible to have lunch inside the aviary and thus to have a privileged visual contact without any net. A snack bar, with a huge terrace, is installed in the aviary next to one of the fishing pools and allows you to eat while observing the birds of the aviary.

Opening hours of the snack bar in the lagoon:11.45am – 5.45pm

Our children’s activities

The educational spaces

Terre des Aigles: This educational area will help your children understand our environment and the role of birds of prey in nature. It is also an opportunity to learn more about these unusual birds: the hearing of owls and the sight of eagles will no longer hold any secrets for you !

Free visit.

La Maison du pygargue: This educational space dedicated to the fishing eagle reintroduction programme takes you to the heart of biodiversity conservation and the difficulty of bringing back an extinct species to its former territory.

Open to the public from 2pm to 5pm.

Exhibition area on birds of prey at the Aigles du Léman park.
Inflatable slide game for children.

The games

By creating our leisure area, we have especially thought of our young visitors by designing a play area adapted to all ages. The famous bouncy castles are always a source of joy and fun for children !

The lapinodrôme

During your visit, you will enjoy this space, which we have dedicated to the litlle ones in your family. Your child can pick up and pet the multitude of rabbits running about and playing in this natural enclosure.

A fun and magical way to access nature while having fun !!

This event takes place at 5.00 pm.

Several rabbits in the grass around a plate of seeds. They are eating.

Our Raptors

Nearly 320 birds of prey of 80 different species to admire in their aviaries and during a great show !

Among others, you will meet the world’s biggest raptor, the Andean condor with its wingspan of 3.2 metres. Moreover you will appreciate an exceptional collection of fishing eagles with the rare Steller sea eagle, the biggest in the world weighing 9 kilograms. Also, you will have the unique opportunity to view the white-tailed eagle which is the biggest european raptor. It disappeared from France in the middle of the twentieth century but is still visible in Western Europe.